When utilizing any of our services, make sure to follow Leave No Trace principles to ensure our nature areas stay clean and beautiful! For more info on Leave No Trace principles, the National Parks Service has some great resources here. Pack it in, pack it out!


Want to go on an epic camping adventure but don’t have the gear? Rent from us and take the gear to any campground of your choosing. Everything comes in a convenient pre-packed duffel bag. We also have additional items that you can add if you’re going with multiple people or group camping. 

For this service we’ll deliver the gear, free of charge, to Phoenix, AZ-metro addresses within our delivery area. We deliver the day prior to the start date of your reservation and pick up the day after the end date. Both the delivery and pick up must be at the same location. Local pickup/delivery is also available.


Want to have a romantic date night from the comfort of your own backyard? Or maybe you want to have a fun backyard camping sleepover experience for the kids. Rent from us and we can set up the gear in your very own backyard. There are so many ways to then make it your own like bringing out extra pillows and blankets, a table for games, or a fire pit to make s’mores. 

We offer this service to Phoenix, AZ-metro addresses within our delivery area. We just ask that there is clear communication on gaining access to the backyard on the start date of your reservation, and we will come and pack it all up on the end date.


Our delivery area for the Backyard Outfitting and Delivery (Self-Setup) packages is within the Phoenix, AZ metro area shown on the map.
If your delivery address is near our delivery area but just outside of it, contact us at and we’ll see what we can do.