We offer 3 different camping gear rental packages:

  • Delivery (Self-Setup)
    • You rent the gear from us, we deliver it to your home or office within the Phoenix metro area, and you set up the gear at whichever campsite you choose. Once your camping trip is over, we’ll pick the gear up from the same delivery address.
  • Backyard Setup
    • You rent the gear from us, we bring it to your home, set up the gear, then take down the gear, and take it away once you’re done with it.
  • Campsite Setup
    • You rent the gear from us, tell us which campsite you reserved (located at one of the campgrounds we service), and we’ll set up the gear on your campsite the day your reservation starts so your campsite is ready to go when you get there. Once your stay is over, you can head home and we’ll pack up the gear for you on the last day of your reservation.

For more specific details on each of these services click here.