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Campsite Outfitters Press Release

We put together our new business press release and are sending it out to media publications. If you’re a PR/Marketing/Journalist type have a look at the press release below and let us know if you would like to collaborate on a story! Hopefully you’ll see us in your favorite magazine/newspaper/local tv show soon!

Campsite Outfitters, the answer to camping easily and safely in Phoenix and surrounding areas

A new local business offers a unique take on camping gear rentals

PHOENIX, Ariz., Sept. 07, 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected travel plans for many Americans, causing more people to stay indoors and find creative ways to enjoy the outdoors. Campsite Outfitters was established to help create meaningful outdoor experiences for family, friends, and the local community.

Campsite Outfitters offers service-tiered camping gear rental packages, which help give anyone the opportunity to enjoy nature without the high cost of purchasing brand new equipment or the need for a large space to store the gear.

The three service levels are: 

1. Campsite Outfitting: Campsite Outfitters will set up and break down all rented gear at your campsite of choice.* 

2. Backyard Outfitting: Campsite Outfitters will set up and break down all rented gear in the comfort of your backyard. 

3. Delivery (Self-Setup): Campsite Outfitters will deliver the rented gear locally to Phoenix-Metro areas.

Each service includes a rental gear package consisting of: one spacious four-person tent (rainfly and footprint included), two sleeping bags, two sleeping pads, two camp chairs, and two mini-lanterns. Additional equipment can be added to any package to customize each experience. To find detailed information about each service, please visit here.

“There are so many public forests and parks within a short driving distance of the Phoenix metro area,” said Donnie Atkinson, co-founder of Campsite Outfitters. “The more we can get people outdoors, the more people will see the value in protecting nature to continue enjoying it responsibly for generations to come.” 

Donnie and Danielle Atkinson are the owners, experienced campers, and married duo behind Campsite Outfitters. After 10 years of camping together, the idea came to them after experiencing the obstacles that can come along with camping and setting up the equipment. From pitching a tent in the dark, using old gear that can be complicated, or forgetting essential items, the couple knew they had an idea to make the process easier. Donnie and Danielle decided to create their own camping gear rental company that provides services to help eliminate these challenges. 

Campsite Outfitters is excited to be an asset to the community. They are committed to safety, quality, and cleanliness. All camping equipment and gear has been purchased directly through REI CO-OP. The gear is cleaned, sanitized, and air-dried after every use in accordance with all Covid-19 precautions.

For Media: Download Visuals Here

To learn more about Campsite Outfitters or how to book your next camping experience, visit and follow them on social media on Facebook (@campsiteoutfitters) and Instagram (@campsiteoutfitters). 

*Campsite Outfitters currently has permits to service campgrounds in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and Maricopa County Parks, and continues to add new campgrounds around Arizona. Please find more information about each campground and its unique features here.


Media Contact: 

Dasi Danzig, 480-268-6766,

Business Contacts: 

Danielle Atkinson, 480-298-8149,

Donnie Atkinson, 480-299-5855,

About Campsite Outfitters 

Campsite Outfitters is run by married couple Donnie and Danielle Atkinson out of Phoenix, AZ. We love camping, hiking, and all the outdoors has to offer. At Campsite Outfitters, we feel that experiencing nature is one of the best ways to reset and recharge so we want to help bring that experience to as many people as possible.

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