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Backyard Camping Ideas

When renting our Backyard Outfitting package, we provide the basic camping gear needed for at least two people, and there are so many fun ways to make it your own. We do not provide pillows or blankets so those will need to come from inside and that’s where you can make the tent as cozy as you’d like. Bring out pillows, blankets, games, etc to create a fun mood.

Make it magical: Set the scene by hanging lanterns (we provide 2 mini lanterns that hang perfectly in the tent) or string lights around the tent. They’ll illuminate your campsite with a soft glow, and help everyone feel more comfortable spending the night outdoors in the (slightly less) dark.

Eat around the fire: If you have a fire pit, it’s easy to roast hot dogs, toast marshmallows, and even cook up meats and veggies in foil packets. S’mores are a family favorite!

Don’t have a fire pit? Of course, you don’t need a campfire to eat like a camper. Pack sandwiches, trail mix, juice boxes and desserts in your cooler to grab at the ready. And because s’mores are a necessity even without a fire, try these fun, flame-free mini s’mores that are easy to make in the kitchen and pack up to enjoy outdoors, even where there’s no campfire in sight.

Plan games and activities: When camping in your backyard, try to make it feel like a real camping experience. Whether it’s telling ghost stories around the campfire, stargazing on a clear night, or just playing cards or board games in the tent. It’s all about enjoying each other and the outdoors.

Whether it’s your first time camping as a family, or you just want a mini trip without all the hassle, backyard camping is fun at any age, because adventure can be found right outside your door. Our goal at Campsite Outfitters is to provide an easy camping/outdoor experience for you and your family. Simply rent from us and we set up all the gear for you. All you have to do is the fun part. Happy Camping!

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