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A Little Bit About the Camping Gear in our Camping Gear Rental Packages

When deciding what camping gear to offer in our camping gear rental packages, we wanted to balance quality gear and ease of use in the products we sourced. We also wanted to identify and provide the camping gear essentials that offer the most benefit to our customers to more easily allow you to get outside and enjoy nature. So, in order for you to get more familiar with what we offer, below is a listing of what we provide in our camping gear rental packages and the reasons why we chose this specific gear.

REI Kingdom 4 Tent & Footprint

The Kingdom 4 Tent from REI is a super spacious 4-person tent that has a hubbed pole system which makes it relatively easy to set up/break down. The best feature of this tent is the nearly vertical side walls which make the tent’s interior feel open, airy, and provides for a ton of headroom with the ability for most people to stand up straight when in the tent. The height of this tent makes tasks that require you to move around while in the tent (like when changing your clothes) a breeze. Additionally, the Kingdom 4 Tent has a rear door that also serves as a vestibule to help keep dirty shoes, packs, and other gear protected from the elements while not having to store that gear inside the tent. All these features paired with the durability and functionality that comes with any piece of REI gear is why we chose to use this tent in our camping gear packages

Kelty Catena 30 Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Catena 30 sleeping bag is a rectangular (non-mummy shaped) sleeping bag that’s rated to keep you warm in temps as low as 30 degrees (F) or -1 degree (C). The CloudSoft synthetic fill eliminates worries of any reactions that someone might have to down filling and allows for easy cleaning while still keeping you warm. The best feature of this sleeping bag is the rectangular shape which offers a more comfortable night’s sleep over a mummy-style sleeping bag for people that like to spread out a bit more at night. The rectangular shape also allows you to completely unzip the sleeping bag and use it as a blanket or zip two bags together to create a double-wide bag perfect for cuddling.

REI Trailbreak Sleeping Pad

The REI Trailbreak Sleeping Pad is a self-inflating sleeping pad that’s rated with an R-value (insulation rating) of 5.1 which means it’ll keep you insulated from the cold ground on even some of the chilliest of nights. The top material is plush and slip-resistant (so the sleeping bag doesn’t slide around on top of it very much) and the bottom material is tough and resistant to wear making this pad comfortable yet durable. The pad also features separate, color-coded inflation and deflation valves that make inflating and deflating the pad simple and quick. The best feature about this pad is that, since it’s designed for backpack camping, it packs down to a small size but still offers the padding and insulation of larger, more bulky pads that are typically used for car camping. This pad is the best of both worlds!

Mountain Summit Gear Anytime Camp Chair

The Mountain Summit Gear Anytime Camp Chair is made of durable material, easily folds up to take it on the go, and has 2 large cup holders for holding beverages, cell phones, and other small items. Our favorite feature about this chair is that both of the cup holders are very large with the round cup holder able to fit even large water bottles and the oblong cup holder able to store just about any small gadget you don’t want to lose. With sturdy legs and strong, stain-resistant seating material these chairs are perfect for camping.

Black Diamond Moji Lantern

The Moji Lantern from Black Diamond is a compact lantern that packs 100 lumens of light in a small stylish package. It can run on the low setting for up to 70 hours on just 3 AAA batteries and also sports two collapsible hanging hooks so you can hang it up inside your tent. The best feature of this lantern is that the lantern’s power switch also serves as a dimmer (when the button is held down) to help tailor your lighting to whatever activity you’re up to.

Now that you’re more familiar with the gear in our rental packages, all that’s left to do is pick a service (Campsite Outfitting, Backyard Outfitting, or Delivery/Self-Setup) and get camping!

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